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Need for speed

Très bon jeu


Un tres bon need for speed a ne pas rater!


Muito legal

Great work EA

This is one of the best need for speed game on phone after need for speed most wanted ! After all great work on that one !!

Sick game since the first day

I love it

Great diversion

Love the updates

Awesome game download today!

This game is sick! Good cars good races. The graphics are sweet. The only part I dont like is getting visual points to upgrade the look of your car Id rather earn the points a different way... So instead of visual points how about we get scrap money instead? Download this game today! Its worth it.


This game is crazy good graphics and loading time and the car customization is incredible

Game is dope, download it already‼️


Crashes in underground please fix

Good game

Ive been playing this for two months and in my opinion is a great game for Mobil

Lot of fun

Wicked game to play. well done

Such a fun and addicting game!

I love the game, and the app is great. However, there are a number of issues that need addressing. For example, the issue of the app crashing without any warning or reason. Very frustrating and should be addressed.

Pretty Good Game, but honestly...

the game would be better if you could play offline, you dont need gas to race, and you guys add the ability to put decals on your car because I want to customize my car ( specifically my Subaru BRZ) to have decals, but other than that EA this game is awesome

Free roam

The game is great love it. If u could make a free roam option that would be SICK. I would love the game more. Im not being bossy or anything but that would be pretty cool and most other people Im sure would love this.

Takes forever to lead, cant play

The game is fun but the control isnt very good. It doesnt make me feel like Im actually controlling the cars like the need for speed games in the past, instead it feels like there are too many assists on. The PR requirement is too high for special events and it is not easy to get parts. The game always takes forever to load even though I have very fast Wi-Fi. I cant play it because of this.

Takes forever to load

This is a dumb game it never gets into the actual game it just loads

New Update

I updated the game, now my doesnt work anymore. Have to uninstall and reinstall to see if it will be working again.

Awful update

This game was bad. Now it even worse. With the "help" of the new update, I have to start the tournament from beginning. I was in the first class of that tournament for the love of God. And there was never a rewards or anything for keep update and no compensation for mass up your game neither. Of course.

Need For Speed No Limits !!!

Excellent Game Cars in Funny The Story VS Police !!!

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